Pre-K Program

Please contact the office with any questions at: 215-743-1828 

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Our Message

St. James Preschool was

established in 1973 to promote

early childhood development,

foster the growth of a child’s

natural interests and

encourage participation

in the world around them.

Our school puts great emphasis

on play. Within the context of play

come language skills, social

and emotional achievements,

problem solving accomplishments,

physical milestones and more.

A school year of age appropriate

lessons will lead your child to

kindergarten readiness.

Children will learn the importance

of following a routine each

day including playing nicely with

others, cleaning up together,

manners at meal time,

music and movement,

fine and large motor activities,

storytime and more. A structured day

leads to a happy day.

Preschool is FUN!

St. James Preschool does not

discriminate against any person’s

religion, race,national origin,

gender, language or disability.

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School Hours

Tuition & Fees

Please contact the office for any questions at 215-743-1828 or you can e-mail to